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  • LuoYou No.8

    /*Luoyou No.8, as one of Honglian type hybrid rice varieties, is a heavy panicle type hybrid rice with high yield, high grain density and excellent tillering capability. Normally the yield per hectare is around 10.5 up to 12.9 tons. It is also well known for its high nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency which can save up to 30% nitrogen fertilizer compared to other rice varieties. Its high temperature tolerance in heading and florescence stage allows early-sowing, high yield and good rice quality. Its excellent adaptability enables it to be planted successfully as one-crop middle-season rice in the areas including not only Yangtze River basins and South and West of China but also Southeast Asia.

    The yield of Luoyou No.8 has been highly praised in many countries and regions and was greatly welcomed and has been planted on a large scale in Vietnam and Indonesia. The yield is stable at 10.5-12 tons per hectare. We have exported thousands tons of hybrid rice seeds “Luoyou No8” to these two countries. Beyond that, we have sent samples to

    Bangladesh and Pakistan for trial, and the test results are quite positive. The Luoyou No.8 enjoys a huge potential in international market.*/

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